Your Resource of Quality Trading Strategies for Gunbot

We offer you a wide selection of proven Gunbot strategies for the most important trading pairs.

Each of our strategy settings was determined with certain Backtesting Scipts on Tradingview. Using a special algorithm, we test over 100,000 possible combinations of settings for each individual pair and for each individual time period. The best results are available in our shop.

The below shown picture demonstrates how our products are presented and how you should read their product names. This naming convention intends to let you choose your favorite strategy. For example: Some traders prefer to enter a passive strategy with fewer but more profitable trades. Others prefer more aggressive trading strategies, which result in more trades, but with a lower profit each. Choose what best suits your needs.

All backtestings were conducted for the crypto exchange Binance with pessimistic trading fees (0.1%). For our backtests we consider the following settings:

  • GAIN
  • EMA1
  • EMA2
  • LOW_BB

Our products contain correctly formatted code for each pair. So you have two very simple ways to use our data sets directly:

  • Either you simply Copy/Paste the code directly into your personal config.js file (present in your Gunbot folder)
  • Or you use Gunbot’s web interface and add the appropriate values to your pairrs individually.


PS: Many of our products contain multiple combinations of settings that may differ in their values. In these cases you can choose your preferred combination – all the data returned to the same results in backtesting. Attention: Do not mix the datasets.