With these Frequently Asked Questions, we want to provide you a little helpdesk, in case you need help. If you have any questions, which could not be answered through the FAQ, feel free to use our contact form.

What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is probably the best trading bot out there. Gunbot lets you fully customize your trading strategies, while offering a great UX. Also Gunbot has a strong community and a very active telegram channel, where you will find support and trading discussions nearly 24/7.

What is Gunbot-Settings?

The creators of Gunbot-Settings developed a smart piece of software to automate the backtesting of different trading strategies. The bottom line is, that we managed to automatically test hundreds of thousands combinations of settings, which can be configured within Gunbot and fetch the results. The best results are then shared publicly here on Gunbot-Settings.

What products does Gunbot-Settings sell?

Our products consist of at least one data set, with which did achieve the advertised profits and trades on Tradingview using a backtesting script. We are working on a own solution right now, since we are not allowed anymore to use the aforementioned scripts.

Will you sell your backtesting software?

At the time of writing this, it is not yet possible to buy our software. But we plan to release our software to the public in the future.

Will ther data sets let me trade as profitable as the product suggests?

Short: No.
Long: While we think, that our data is a solid way to configure your personal Gunbot (or maybe other trading software), you must be aware that trading with cryptocurrencies is highly speculative and risky. Markets do change all the time and our data sets do only represent Gunbots behaviour for a specific timeframe in the past. We can not predict the future.

What timeframes are being backtested?

For now we typically run our tests with a 1 month timeframe. We think one month is a good timeframe to make conclusions on the specific pairs overall performance during that month.

Why don‘t you offer settings for pair ABC-XYZ?

Testing all different combinations of settings takes A LOT of time. And because at the moment our resources are limited, we can not test every single trading pair. As soon as our resources allow it, we will expand our supply of strategies.

What exchanges do you take into account?

Due to limited resources, at the moment we only deal with Binance, since it is mostly used in the Gunbot community.

Should I use your data sets for other exchanges than Binance?

Obviously you can use our data for every exchange you want. But be aware, that our testing has only happened for Binance and the results would most likely differ for other exchanges.